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The British Association of Private Dentistry is wholly non-profit. We rely on subscriptions to enable our work. Support us by joining as a Member today.

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Ideal for dental nurses, managers and support staff.
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Membership for the entire team.

Membership of the British Association of Private Dentistry is open to anyone with an interest in UK private dentistry, including those who work in mixed practice.

All members of the dental team and other interested parties are welcome to join, with different packages to suit different needs.

Our membership reflects our vision of a team approach in delivering high-quality dental care.

A truly national approach

The BAPD engages directly with dental professionals across the UK, representing the myriad different approaches and standards that have emerged in English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish dentistry in recent times.

Standing up for
UK private dentistry

Despite our short existence, the British Association of Private Dentistry has been working hard to represent the interests of UK private dentists.
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Vote of No Confidence in OCDO England
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Numerous correspondence with MPs and devolved politicians
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Published letters and referenced articles across the press.
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Wide collaboration with other groups and organisations.
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Regular engagement with members.
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Evidence based positions and approaches to clinical practice.
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Contribution to FGDP(UK) SOPs on behalf of private practice.
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Regular thought leadership and opinion pieces.

Frequently asked questions.

If you have further questions, please contact
Membership Terms
Am I eligible to join?

Dental nurses, students, members of the dental trade or overseas registered clinicians can join us as Associate Supporters.

Full Membership is open to any dental surgeon, dental therapist, dental hygienist or dental technician registered with the General Dental Council, with an interest in private dentistry.

Those who are eligible for Full Membership must apply in this category. They cannot apply for Associate membership in lieu of Full Membership.

Full eligibility criteria are available in our Membership Terms.

How do I join?

Simply select the Join Today button for your choice of membership, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please ensure you only apply for the membership level that you are eligible for.

After we receive your application and your membership fee we will verify the application. This process is largely automated, and you will only be contacted if we need to verify your application in some way.

After applying as a member you will be contacted by email and text to complete a short survey, dependent on your membership type.

Full Members are required to complete this survey, which includes the disclosure of basic details about your dental business, where relevant.

Is BAPD non-profit?

Yes, we are an entirely non-profit organisation. All of our income, including any surplus, is reinvested to enable our work and support our members.

We are bound by our Articles of Association, which require us by law to work exclusively to achieve our objectives, and use our funds only for these purposes.

No elected or appointed officers of BAPD receive any pay or remuneration, and are entirely volunteers.

What will my contribution be used for?

In the short term, your fees will support our work to:

  • get the UK dental profession back to work safely using an evidence based approach,
  • reunite the profession by working in partnership with other bodies within dentistry,
  • help the public understand that dentistry is and always was a safe environment to receive care, and
  • support our efforts to engage with members directly.

In the longer term, our budgets will allow us to:

  • campaign strongly for the highest levels of clinical quality to raise the standard of dental care throughout the profession,
  • re-design dental service frameworks to include more equitable indemnityinsurance with increased transparency,
  • engage and collaborate with the GDC to set professional standards basedsolely on the provision of the best patient care, and
  • end fragmentation within the industry and create a system that will betterserve all patients by ensuring that private dentistry is accepted as an integralpart of overall dental policy decisions.
How is the BAPD structured?

You can find out more about our organisation structure here.

Can trade members (e.g. suppliers) join the BAPD?

At the moment membership is only open to individuals, but we are very excited about the prospect of working with, and receiving support from, those organisations and businesses who work so hard to enable and support high quality private dental care.

We will share more information in due course, but in the meantime please contact the Registrar via to discuss your interest.

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