5th April – Creation of Facebook page by 2 members of the profession after the 1st CDO Webinar

7th April – Coming together of many like-minded Professionals within dentistry to have an initial Zoom meeting.

Template letter published to allow members to send to their MP’s.

8th April – Setting up an initial Zoom meeting with the BDA to suggest collaboration and ask why private dentistry has not been strongly represented

9th April – Initial meeting with 3 High level executive members of the BDA, agreement by the BDA to work with the new Association, and to liaise directly with the BDA high level executive.

BDA Agree at this meeting to re-convene their private dental committee. Development of an Initial committee structure outline for the ‘New Association’

10th April – Liaison with the ‘Sunday Times’ newspaper along with BDA.

11th April – Development of the Mission Statement

14th April – Finalisation of the Name ‘British Association of Private Dentistry’ as a result of poll held on Facebook.

15th April – Formation of committees with initial temporary positions to these committees voted on by the initial steering group.

16th April – Article in ‘Cornwall Live’ mentioning the BAPD for the first time in UK press.

17th April – Onwards Exposure of the BAPD in the dental and national press begins.

21st April – Front Page Article in Mansfield ‘Chad’ newspaper about the lack of UDC’s.

22nd April – BAPD Strategy Document produced.

24th April – Letter to Health Secretary Matt Hancock introducing the BAPD and indicating the issues facing the private profession.

27th April – Initial Zoom Meeting with Association of Dental Groups

29th April – Initial meeting with the newly Formed BDA/BAPD Liaison group.

Agreement to collaborate with one another and share information as appropriate, but to remain strongly separate entities. Request by BAPD to get the BDA to present a question directly to the CDO at a meeting that week. (no response to this question has ever been received)



1st May – Twitter Accounts start posting.

5th May – Webinar/Podcast by 3 BAPD members on the Dental Leaders Podcast

6th May – Publication of the BAPD Return to Practice Position Paper.

11th May – Letter to BDA CEO asking for the information regarding future meetings with MP’s to be shared so the BAPD could have input.

Request to BAPD Membership to submit questions to the Government.

Official approaches to and external agency set up and formalise the structure of the BAPD legally as a not for profit company.

Members of the Temporary Executive agree to be directors until formal membership can be instigated

12th May – Discussions to instigate a Vote of No Confidence in the Office of the Chief Dental Officer (England).

Letter published in the Times Initial Meeting of the DCP Committee of the BAPD to include dental nurses, Hygiene/Therapists, Dental Technicians.

13th May – Letter to other professional groups including DCP’s to suggest collaborative working

Article in Dentistry Online regarding the working together of the various Dental Organisations including the BAPD, FGDP, FDS RCS, ADI, and the BDA Articles in Dentistry and Dental Nursing published indicating dental nurses have highest Covid 19 risk.

14th May – 3 Members of the BAPD appear on the Chris Barrow daily briefing webinar, to date recording the highest number of views of this series of webinar with over 11,000.

Article in the Guardian newspaper mentioning the BAPD Articles in Dentistry and Dental Nursing re-published (re risk to dental nurses)more positively as a result of BAPD input

15th May – Official BAPD Website launched Vote of No Confidence on the OCDO Held – 97.5% Vote of No Confidence. Announcement of collaboration with IPO.

18th May – Results of the Vote of No Confidence in the OCDO Sent to Health Minister, Leader of the Opposition, key MP’s, the OCDO. Facebook page hits 10,000 members. Extensive coverage in Newsweek

20th May – Dentistry Online publish response to the No Confidence vote from the CDO and that a detailed response will be forthcoming – to date not received. BAPD respond to the CDO’s response clarifying the communications attempted with the OCDO – to date no response has been received.

24th May – BAPD ‘Current Regulatory Perspective’ opinion piece released.

Media released to Sunday Times

26th May – Positions of the Indemnity companies regarding return to work for private dentistry Published.

28th May – Dentistry allowed to Re-open from the 8th June.

OCDO releases letter of 19th May on the 28th May Dentistry online publish article same morning indicating return to work on 8th June Dental profession receive letter allowing re-opening 8th June.

Initial Approach to Public Health England to try to influence the SOP’s being produced.

Articles of Association and Membership checked.

30th May – BAPD produce 2nd letter indicating Vote of No Confidence in the Office of the Chief Dental Officer of England. Distributed again to high level politicians.

Indemnity companies clarify their position, with some having completely changed position in favour of opening.



1st June – Release of the FGDP SOP’s. BAPD Members on the advisory board for this document, and work

done over the previous 2 weeks by the various committees to help produce the intel needed in this document.

2nd June – Meeting with Dental Lead of PHE (Dr Sandra White) regarding the impending SOP’s for England.

Chance to input into the document but made clear that their opinion on Fallow and PPE did not agree with that of BAPD Science committee. Regional Groups, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland formalised.

3rd June – Article in the Daily Telegraph mentions the BAPD, regarding cross border ‘Dental Tourism’

in the UK. BAPD Mentioned in the Times

5th June – Letter from BAPD to dental Suppliers regarding reserving PPE for English NHS Practices only. Immediate reversal of this the same day from at least one major supplier.

6th June – PracticePlan video podcast with Executive committee member about the BAPD and its future plans

8th June – Many Dental Practices return to Work

9th June – Position Paper from BAPD Wales published.

10th June – BAPD Members appear on FGDP Webinar ‘Myth Busting and Covid 19’ BAPD Wales have letter published in the Times.

11th June – Article by BAPD Comms committee member Damian McNee on the psychological impact of returning to work.

12th June – Official Registration of the British Association of Private Dentistry at Companies House.

16th June – BAPD NI release open letter to the NI Minster for Health.

17th June – OCDO letter to MP’s explaining what the office had been doing during Covid 19 crisis BAPD NI – mentioned on BBC News.

18th June – Letter to PHE about fallow time published and sent to key High level PHE members. BAPD Trade Committee begin to approach the trade with sponsorship proposals.

19th June – First official liaison meeting with the BAPD Executive and the CQC Dental Division.

20th June – Letter to ALL MP’s rebutting the information sent by the OCDO on the 17th June.

22nd June – BAPD infographic of Structure published.

24th June – Articles published by BACD Members Damien McNee and Dom O’Hooley in Dental Update.

25th June – Survey for next approach to PHE about Masks.

26th June – Letter to PHE regarding Masks/PPE issues. No response to either letter.

28th June – Work on the Official Articles and Membership continues ahead of official membership launching.



8th July – Liaison with ‘Saving Faces’ regarding Oral Cancer screening during Covid.

Survey of members of BAPD page.

9th July – Dentistry Interview with BAPD Steering committee member

10th July – Oral Cancer Survey mentioned in ‘The Dentist’

13th July – Letter received from Jo Churchill MP regarding the BAPD letters

16th July – Rebuttal and Clarification Letter to Jo Churchill MP in response to the above requesting an urgent meeting.

17th July – BAPD NI letter to the Health Committee

24th July – Meeting of the BAPD Executive with key High-level BDA officials. A very ‘Robust’ meeting.

25th July – Testing of the membership portal prior to launch of new BAPD Website

26th July – Finalisation of Trade prospectus for distribution to the wider dental trade

27th July – Letter received from the head of PHE Duncan Selbie in response to issues with Masks and Fallow.

29th July – Soft Launch of the new BAPD Website and Membership portal.

31st July – Formal Launch of the BAPD Website and Membership portal.



Early August – Applications invited for the role of Equalities officer of the BAPd.

BAPD Trade Prospectus formalised.

BAPD Survey on Fallow undertaken.

Formal Structure of the BAPD Students group define.

BAPD University representatives in post at each university, BAPD Student Chair and Secretary voted in by their committee.

1st August – Interview in “The Dentist’ with Executive committee member

5th August – Further letter to PHE regarding fallow and the results of the BAPD Survey on Fallow.

7th August – Request to join the GDC Stakeholder meetings in September. 2 members of Exec Invited.

7th August – Response to the NHS Services Scotland Letter regarding the Short Life Working Group on ventilation (Fallow)

7th August – Letters from PHE CEO Duncan Selbie regarding the BAPD Mask survey and concerns about Oral Cancer Screening. Nothing new to add to their stance, and no ground gained.

10th August –BDJ in Practice’ Editorial/opinion piece by D Westgarth of the BDA published. Less than veiled Criticism of BAPD and individual members of the BAPD in particular.

11th August – Request for meeting with the OCDO submitted and accepted.

12th August – Further letter to PHE regarding fallow and the lack of response to previous concerns re Fallow

13th August – Rebuttal of the WHO press release regarding delaying routine dentistry. Letters to the Press regarding the misquoting of the WHO Press release (no response)

17th August – BAPD Executive Committee Meeting. Sarah Buxton of FTA-Law becomes the BAPD Equalities officer

18th August – Communications, policy and trade committee roles filled by further suitable volunteers from BAPD Membership.

25th August – Robust rebuttal to the ‘BDJ in Practice’ opinion piece requesting clarification and apology. Agreement to have the response published.



2nd September – BAPD GDC Survey begins

4th September – Letter from PHE (Richard Gleave) regarding the fallow survey

7th September – ‘A Robust Rebuttal’ letter in BDJ in Practice regarding the previous opinion piece by the editor. Editor deems apology is not needed.

8th September – Response to PHE expressing disappointment no face to face meeting is forthcoming. Also rebutting and testing the evidence base for PHE stance over fallow.

11th September – GDC Stakeholder meeting with 2 members of BAPD Executive Committee.

18th September – FOI response for OCDOE regarding influence over the Private sector of dentistry.

18th September – BAPD petition begun on Change.org regarding the requirement of the new Chair of the GDC to be a registrant.


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